Jason L transformation 2

1 Year Success Highlights:

Starting weight: 320 lbs

Current weight: 195 lbs

Jason was always in good shape growing up in his young adulthood, then...


...Adult obligations started popping up in every direction, and before he knew it, over the years he put on over 100 pounds...

Not only did he feel lost on what to do, he felt that he had way too many commitments to make this whole "fitness thing" a part of his life.

So he quickly changed that...

"Yea, I woke up early January of 2017 one day, and just was totally in the zone, it felt like my willpower was at 100% - I knew it was time to change."

Once Jason focused in on those few essential diet and exercise strategies that gave him the most “bang for his buck,” he started making crazy progress...

By Summer time, Jason made it down to around 230 lbs - and by Christmas time, he was fluctuating in the 190's.

The best part is he did it WITHOUT feeling restricted or overly-stressed.


Joseph J Transformation

4 Month Success Highlights:

Down 8 lbs of body fat

Up 6 lbs of lean muscle

"Working with Trent has been terrific. I couldn't be happier with the program - the results, I believe, really speak for themselves.

Trent has stayed in close contact with me throughout the program - keeping me motivated - monitoring my results. He always answered any questions that I had. If I happened to be having any issues with anything - he was always attentive and responded quickly.

If you are struggling with obtaining the results you want - you have landed in the right spot. If you are willing to put in the work and follow the program that Trent creates for you - rest assured you will see phenomenal results - I certainly have."



4 Month Success Highlights:

Currently down 23 lbs of body fat

"I want to thank you for helping me. This year has changed so much for me. I haven't really shared all of it with you, but you have given me hope - hope that there is more if I am willing to make changes for it. Looking back, I was in such a dark place and I had put myself in it. I was discontent with where I was in life and turned to food.

You have taught me to make a goal, make a plan to reach that goal and then follow it. Every last day of a month, I make a goal to reach by the next month and every morning, I make a daily plan to reach that monthly goal! It has been an invaluable tool for me ever since.

You have taught me to challenge myself. By putting myself in places where I wasn't so comfortable (tracking food, gym), I have transferred those lessons into my life. Going to Peru for missions and signing up for Bible school are so out of my comfort zone that looking back, I cannot believe I did that but had I not, I know I'd regret it. Makes me wonder what else I had missed when I didn't challenge myself.

You have educated and given me the tools to give me the push and encouragement to know that I can continue."



3 Month Success Highlights:

Down 14 lbs of body fat

Up 5 lbs of lean muscle

"I started with Trent in July with my goal being to “Chris Pratt” it up. I didn’t hit that goal, which I’m fine with because along the way I learned that while you can’t control how fast the body fat goes away, you can control how consistent you are.

Let’s take it back a few months or even years and my biggest struggle has been consistency.

Consistency with working out. Consistency with motivation and discipline. Consistency with making healthy food choices instead of fast food. Enter Trent, a coach who genuinely wanted to see me succeed in and out of the gym. I hired him just to show me the ropes to nutrition and learn how to work out.

But I left learning more than I bargained for. So how did it go down? He asked me a bunch of questions to get a feel for where I was currently at and what I wanted to accomplish. Then hooked me up with a customized meal plan and training routine. He’s a pillar of knowledge, and it was nice to have 24/7 access to someone who is experienced, where I could ask all the random questions that popped into my head. And there were a lot of questions, haha.

They didn’t even have to be gym related, I remember chatting with him one time about a Childish Gambino concert and was blown away that he wanted to talk about it. The workouts were hard but the results showed and it improved my self-confidence immensely. The hardest thing for me personally was attempting to do yoga. Yoga was just holding poses, kinda dull and to be honest, I felt silly doing it. Luckily I had a friend who was interested in yoga and it’s not dull when there are other people around.

It turns out yoga was a major key. Yoga led me to meditation which helped me to focus better and be more consistent with my actions. I still eat fast food, but it’s more rarely and often the healthiest option available (Grilled chicken sandwich vs Big Mac). The keyword is just being mindful and consistent like setting up a ritual that you’ll follow. "



8 Month Success Highlights:

Down 42 lbs of body fat

"Before working with Trent … I felt like my life was all over the place. Fitness and making healthier choices didn’t even cross my mind. Until enough was enough. Not only was Trent there to help me understand why we were doing certain exercises in the gym, he made nutrition for fat loss super simple and so easy to fit within my busy schedule.

Losing weight is one thing, but the confidence and new outlook this has given me in life is priceless. Thank you again Trent!"

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